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Welcome Paige!!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

What does food mean to you? Do you eat to live, or live to eat?

I guess most of us do both.

What's a plate of spaghetti with a slice of buttered Mancini Bread if not just a complete time warp to your neighbor's house as a child, not a care in the world, eating with your family and close friends laughing and telling stories?

Or that doughnut, crispy yet soft that your grandmother prepares for you. Maybe you remember the smell of her house as soon as you enter or the fact that she wiped her hands on her house dress.

Whatever it is, memories and food go hand in hand. We all have them. We cherish them. We never want to lose them. So, we keep them alive by sharing them, writing about them and cooking them. These are our stories.

Please help me welcome the first CarolOfMoon blog contributing write, Paige Stoehr.

Dr. Paige Stoehr is a lifelong resident of West Virginia. Growing up in Glendale, attending WVU in Morgantown, a short stay in other states as she studied and started her veterinarian career, then back to Wheeling, Paige has two veterinary clinics (Glendale and Wheeling) and lives on a beautiful 30-acre farm, Turkey Hill, with her family, husband Todd Moores, and their children Towne, Harper and Reese.

The Moores: left to right: Harper, Paige, Reese, Towne, Todd

I had the privilege of meeting Paige in Morgantown. My roommate Nicole and she are sorority sisters. That's to say that immediately she was my sister and friend too, even though we were in different sororities. Her down-to-earth yet worldly demeanor makes her intriguing and someone everyone wants to get to know better. Did I mention she's beautiful inside and out? She has a heart of gold and a plethora of knowledge about everything from down and dirty farm life to couture fashion. She drives a tractor as well as she drives her boat, VW Cabriolet or her mother's vintage MG.

While traveling the world Paige seeks more and more knowledge about cultures and cuisines, enjoying the time with her extended family whether it's in Anguilla, Peru or her in-laws' farm in Kentucky.

Her Polish heritage is very important to her, hopefully one day, she says, she will get there with her mom Sue and her daughters so they can understand the traditions and cuisine they hold so dear to their hearts.

Look for her first blog, Doughnuts of the World Unite: Poland's Paczki in the coming week as we kick out our (mostly) meatless blogs for the Catholic Lenten feasts!

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