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If I am lucky enough to travel (or even go out to eat in Pittsburgh), you can bet the first thing I do is research the food scene of that area.  I love eating my way through a city, or region.  I want to find the places the locals go, taste the food that is authentic, and learn as much as I can about it.  Then I obsess over it for weeks, playing test kitchen at home and making my family and friends try all of my 'attempts' to duplicate the food.

Below you will find a lobster bake from a great waterside restaurant in Bar Harbor, ME Stewman’s Lobster Pound.

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514 East Ohio Street
East Allegheny/Deutschtown

If you're looking for a place that believes in doing everything themselves, you've come to the right place.  Fig and Ash is more than a restaurant.  Here they butcher their own meats, grind their own grains and work with local farms to provide seasonal sustainable dishes.  It's on the short list of wonderful places to eat in Pittsburgh

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Two great things that go great together (trust me)

The juxtaposition of Coop DeVille's Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and Brunton Dairy's chocolate milk is undeniable but good.  The sandwich's spice is cooled off nicely by the milk-- and the chocolate lends to your sweet tooth's craving after a spicy meal. Don't take my word for it..try it yourself! 

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Juxtaposition 2.0

Two great things that don't necessarily seem to go great together:  Brunton Dairy makes a delicious ice cream with their already extremely delicious milk.  Alone it's amazing.  Paired together with Momofuku Chili Crunch, it's the craziest combination and flavor explosion!  Owner of Momofuku, Dave Chang suggests this combo, so I can't take credit for it, but I certainly can pass it on.    

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Not just your ordinary quail egg

Yes, Beef Jerky Outlet in Pittsburgh's Strip District has a variety of jerkies for every type of eater. But as owner Doug Young assured, the spicy pickled quail eggs are out of this world.  And they are!! 

These petite eggs are pickled in a spicy vinegar blend with jalapenos.  Perfect for a nibble board or snack.  Definitely worth the trip to the store. 

Beef Jerky Outlet 

The Strip District

57 18th St. Pittsbugh, PA 15222

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Anchor and Anvil Coffee Shop and Oram's Donuts

Every Saturday morning, thanks to Anchor and Anvil Coffee Shop, Oram's famous donuts come to Coraopolis, PA! A Beaver Falls, PA staple since 1938, Oram's Donuts continues to produce the epitome of classic donuts and customer favorites, like their ginormous cinnamon roll "donut" but also old-fashioned authentic doughnuts.  Pair the doughnuts with the delicious signature coffee creations of Anchor and Anvil and it's a great Saturday morning.  

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Mediterra Cafe, Sewickley, PA

A bustling cafe in the heart of Sewickley Village, Mediterra Cafe offers delicious, healthy artisanal fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Pastries, inhouse bread and barista selection will rival any high end shop across the country.  Opposite the "samme" shop is a beautiful full service signature cocktail bar and charcuterie and cheese case. A wonderful meeting place for friends and family.  Bistro tables line the sidewalk for a very city like vibe you will surely enjoy.

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McConnells Farm

 Independence Township, Beaver County PA

Since the 1930s peaches have been their specialty.  I can see why.  Their orchards are gorgeously placed on the Bicentennial Fruit and Vegetable Farm located in Independence Township, Beaver County for nearly a century.  But they don't just have great peaches.  All of their produce is gorgeous and inviting.  The clean and minimal barn serves as a country store to rival country stores.  The lands are as beautiful as their peaches.

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