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The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers: Grown in Our Own Backyard

I guess it's something I often wondered; how do florists get their flowers?

Does a flower fairy just come down from the sky with handfuls of stems?

Is there some 4am wake-up call to a seedy warehouse in the bad part of town to bid auction on the best peonies? Dahlias? Roses?

Do they grow flowers themselves?

I think 2 of the 3 are true.

And hey, as Meatloaf so eloquently sings "two outta three ain't bad".

I am sure I've mentioned I help my mom take care of my dad. My sisters also carry the brunt of the load with this task.

I drive to their house in Kennedy Twp. anywhere from 3-4 days a week while my sister works. And I'm always late.

Did I tell you I always run late? Well, I do. I'm half serious when I tell people about wanting to do a thesis on the inherent correlation between people constantly running late and whether or not they were late being born.

I'd like to think it's the optimist in me that always thinks there's enough time for just one more task. Maybe if I gave myself even 5 minutes longer just in case the inevitable happens, and something isn't where it's supposed to be... my whole plan isn't foiled.

I tell you this all because when I am (always) running late I have to take the short cut to my parents' house.

The "back way" if you will.

That's continuing to follow Rt 51 south from

Moon to McKees Rocks. And a hair pin turn at the signs for the schools.

I notice the schools always and am vigilant to go the speed limit. And I've noticed over the past years the house across the street with its beautiful flower beds. I admire the fact that the property gets full sun (something my property lacks) and how I wished I had that type of land. And then I just keep driving to my parents.

Recently the owners of the property added a beautiful fenced in garden area. And I've found myself going slower than normal to "check out" the details of the garden. I look like a stocker. I'm sure of it.

One afternoon I even had the audacity to slow enough, roll down the window and yell out to the gentlemen that I really admired his garden.

"Stranger danger!!!"

My mom said the family who owns the property runs a floral shop. I thought she was full of BS. How would she know??

More recently however, as the flowers grow and grow and grow, row after row after row of what I believe are dahlias and zinnias, I've noticed a truck there, "The Farmer's Daughter"


StoreFront, The Farmer's Daughter, East Ohio St. North Side, Pittsburgh

I googled it and sure enough my mother was right! I started following them on social media

The Farmer's Daughter floral shop on East Ohio Street in Pittsburgh's North Side.

And it's not just your run of the mill florist shop.

It's a magical place the minute you open the door and walk into what I think might be the cutest shop in all of Pittsburgh.

I almost felt like I was walking through the wardrobe to Narnia when I walked through the glass doors on East Ohio Street.

The elegantly whimsical meets retro chic vibe is juxtaposed against gritty East Ohio Street. But that's what the charm of that area is. The old and the new coexisting in an overlooked but none the less important part of town.

Their neighbor, Fig and Ash was featured in my OPP section. Check it out.

The flower arrangements are something out of a fairy tale. They are elegant yet whimsical, just like the store. They are interesting and haphazard, in a good way. It all doesn't seem to make sense but makes perfect sense. A hot mess that just is, well, perfect!! Elegant. I'll buy flowers here for every occasion.

There was so much to look at; the attention to detail of the store mirrors the bouquet.

A team of 5-6 people were behind the counter preparing arrangements for something. I wanted to learn the ways of the Jedi. I wanted to jump in and just start asking questions. That's me, of course!

But I was silent and so enthralled by the rest of the store to be too annoying.

It appears that the floors are original to the space and that lends to even more of the store's charm. The industrial fixtures give it just the right amount of urban edge against the softness of the flowers.

I could continue on and on; it's best you go check it out for yourself.

You won't be disappointed.

The Farmer's Daughter

502 E. Ohio Street | Pittsburgh PA 15212


Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday : 11AM-7PM

Saturday & Sunday : 10AM-4PM

Did I tell you that you can buy bundles of flowers right on the side of the road near the Sto-Rox elementary and middle schools?

I felt like I was on a country road in Maine when I stumbled upon the flower stand.

Now if only they took Venmo!



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