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The Clean Up

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

It’s my sincere pleasure to introduce you to Carol of Moon’s fourth contributing writer, the clean up, Charles “Charlie” Brown.

Good grief! Now let’s not confuse him with the loveable loser archetypal American cartoon character with the group of friends who act more like frenemies. The Charlie Brown I remember from my days at Sto-Rox High School was that of the popular, funny and always friendly kid.

Ask any of his “framily” (that’s friend family according to CB) and they’ll tell you he’s still the same popular, funny and always friendly guy.

His kind demeanor became evident to me when a Facebook post revealed his kind gestures to residents at his job. Monthly he would give flowers and chocolates to the elderly people living where he worked. That gesture resonated with me as I have seen first-hand how some people just get no visitors. When my dad was recovering from a stroke in a rehabilitation center, some residents were alone. All day. Every day.

Little gestures can go a long way.

This father of five—Joshua - 31 (Forever 30), Dante- 29, Caine - 28, Corey - 21, Sadie - 21 and grandfather of four —Martevius - 7, Ky' Noah - 6, Mazikeen (Maze) - 3, Milo - 1 currently works as Heritage Valley Hospital (Kennedy) as the hospital housekeeping supervisor.

He’s an avid competitive softball player (hence the ‘clean up’ reference title) who plays local and out of state tourneys.

Charlie also enjoys hunting big game — rifle and shotgun whitetail and turkey —archery- compound & crossbow.

His guilty pleasure? He still enjoys playing console video games at 50yrs old.

And of course, like most of us, he loves to cook for his friends and family.

His first contributing blog is all about his love for cooking his family tradition to his “framily”- as he enjoys cooking for them with the quintessential ingredient found in all great cooking- love. His northern version of a low country boil will make your mouth water!


To quote Charles Schulz, “You’re a good man Charlie Brown!”

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