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The Children Are Our Future.

Whitney Houston had it right:

" I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way."...

If anyone is a people person, it is Mikala Powell.

She is having the most fun when she's talking, laughing, and sharing stories with her friends and family. In her opinion, the best way to do good in this life is to share good times with others. Her passion is history. Nothing is more fascinating to her than learning about the world before she was part of it and exploring all the ways history has been preserved through museums, classic films, music, and literature.

Born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Mikala spent five years as a Tarheel. Her family's path to Pittsburgh was not a straight line. Four years as a Tiger of Clemson, four more as a Maryland Terrapin, and finally her family made their way to Pittsburgh, where her Mom was born and raised and she is now a proud Pitt Panther (well, and YSU Penguin).

Being raised by two great coaches and surrounded by sports her whole life, Mikala has learned the importance of being teachable and to have appreciation for learning new things.

Mikala spends most of her time Infront of her laptop drafting a paper or with her head in a textbook studying. To most this may sound boring, but in her mind, school became much more fun when she was able to follow her passion as a history major at Youngstown State University.

She is one of less than fifty students in the history department and enjoys the small classes, long lectures, and open discussions with her peers. Her other interests include philosophy and politics.

After she graduates, she plans to take all the knowledge she has gathered from her studies and travel to other countries. Mikala wants to experience everything this world has to offer and create amazing memories along the way. Although this will be a challenge, Mikala is prepared to face any fears she has and set out on her life's journey.


She has two siblings, Andre and Alayna, two wonderful parents, Andre and Jody and two fantastic pups, Finn and Ranger.

Mikala has graciously accepted the task to teach us how to make collard greens-- a staple in her father's family. Her Granny Powell's Lockhart, South Carolina recipe now spans three generations and made its way to Pittsburgh, PA.

Please help me welcome Mikala as our newest contributing writer!

Look for the recipe and blog soon!

Thank you, Mikala, for all of your laughter, reminding us all how we used to be!!

(And thank you Whitney Houston for a glorious song)

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