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A “Doggy Dog” World: Shopping with Your Pets

Updated: Mar 11

I know... that's not the real saying (it's Dog -eat dog). Why do we have to live in such a highly competitive world that our pets are even being used to describe it?? But, at a time after the 2020 pandemic, we, as humans realized our pets are very important parts of our lives, and so have many retailers.

My pup Kash had his first outing at HomeDepot

Turns out Home Depot in Robinson Twp only allows service dogs. It wasn't posted on the main door, so I didn't know that until I was almost done. Nobody approached me; but I'm not sure why--Kash was so darn cute in the store!

However, TrueValue in Moon Township IS dog friendly. They let you know and are happy to greet your four legged friend. has compiled a list of dog-friendly (and I'm guessing pet in general friendly) retailers so our four-legged companions can join us as we shop til we drop! Click on the link for the complete article by Felicity Brienza

As it says in the article, those "most" or "some" store locations allow, call ahead. The last thing that needs to happen is an argument with employees and customers over dog policies.

Happy tails! (See what I did there?😉)

30 Dog-Friendly Stores in the USA

(Plus 6 Which Don’t Welcome Dogs)

Dog policies for nationwide stores can vary by location.

So it can be tricky to know where our canine buddies are welcome.

Service Dog Only Stores - no emotional support or pets allowed






Starbucks (outdoor only)

Whole Foods

Grocery Stores

Most indoor food establishments, but outdoor settings are usually allowed (call ahead)

Stores That Allow Dogs

in All Locations


Tractor Supply Co


Bass Pro Shops

LUSH Cosmetics

TJ Max/Marshalls/Homesense

Harbor Freight Tools



Victoria's Secret





Allows Dogs in Most Locations


The Apple Store

Pottery Barn


Restoration Hardware

The Gap

Old Navy

Hobby Lobby

Ann Taylor & Loft

Bed Bath & Beyond

LL Bean (almost all stores)

Warbly Parker

Allows Dogs in Some Locations

Home Depot


Barnes & Noble


Again, check out the complete article on

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